Internordic cooperation in equality work focused on Masculinity

Photos: Oscar Lehtinen

Internordic cooperation in equality work focused on Masculinity
This project started off as an idea when Nana Blomqvist, the project manager for the masculinity project Vem é man invited Marco Vega to educate the staff and network contacts for the project in ways to do masculinity work with adolescents and children.
We started off by arranging a meeting in Stockholm in April 2019 in cooperation between Ekvalita and RFSU where we initiated discussions about networking and exchanging expertise.

In July 2019 a panel on Locker room talk was arranged at Suomi Areena (Pori), where an initial discussion on the need for a Locker Room activity in Finland was held.
In December 2019 Ekvalita and DareGender hosted an initial project workmeeting in Copenhagen Internordic meeting on equality work with a focus on masculinity. Here we outlined activities for the months this project will cover.

This project is made possible by NIKK (Nordic Information on Gender) and is a cooperation between Ekvalita, DareGender, RFSU and Poikien Talo (Loistosettlementti). This project includes however a large network of researchers and other experts on these issues.
The project lasts until the end of March 2020 and during that time we will:
  1. Gather a focused bank with relevant materials, methods and publications that has been developed on this field.
  2. Make a voice over in Icelandic for one of the films from the series Vill Du?.
  3. Publish an Icelandic study in English on youth’s consumption of pornograpfy and their understanding on the script for sex in real life. The Study is conducted by Kolbrún Hrund Sigurgeirsdóttir, Þórður Kristinsson og Þorgerður J. Einarsdóttir and published in Netla – Online journal on pedagogy and education, University of Iceland – School of education.
  4. Pilot a variant of equality pedagogy in the Locker Rooms in Finland in cooperation with Poikien Talo under the guidance of Locker Room Talk in Sweden.
  5. Develop impact measurement tools for this kind of equality and youth work.
  6. Create podcasts.

Media production

Article based on the panel Youth/masculinities that took place 6.11.2019 at Helsinki Art Museum, arranged by Finnish institute for the Benelux, in cooperation with Ekvalita, Poikien Talo and Kulttuuritalo Caisa.


What happens when you mix researchers and artists in a panel to talk about masculinity?

Here you can find out because Harry Lunabba decided spontaneously to record the panel. Despite the sound quality, due to using equipment at hand, not planned for this kind of recording, the panel inspired us to an extent that we wanted to give the chance for those who could not attend the panel to take part of this important discussion on masculinity, boyhood, vulnerability, mixed dinners, postcolonial narrative, laughter and Finns’ social skills.

Should we let go of masculinity, and what is masculinity anyway?

Moderator: Nana Blomqvist (Project manager)
Panellists: Boodi Kabbani (Actor), Ira Virtanen (researcher), Harry Lunabba (researcher), and Ahmet Polat (visual artist).

The panel was arranged by The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux and took place the 6th of November 2019 at Helsinki Art Museum.


Initial podcasts has been recorded on the topics of Locker Room Talk and the pedagogy regarding pornography in Swedish at the meeting in Copenhagen in December. Within the framework of the resources we aim at producing podcasts also in English.

Listen to the podcasts here (in Swedish).

Locker Room Talk
Journalist Jonas Forsbacka and Oscar Gullers from Locker Room talk discuss.

Porn and pedagogy
Journalist Jonas Forsbacka,  Nana Blomqvist from Ekvalita and Kalle Röcklinger from RFSU discuss porn and pedagogy.

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